ISA Placement Program

Our flagship service

Turn your real estate team into a prospecting powerhouse.

Developed over 10+ years of hardcore, in-the-trenches selling on the phone.


10-15 Appts Per Month

We prioritize live transfers and in-person appointments. Our ISAs uncover the top opportunities in your CRM and get them to the front of the line.


125+ Calls Per Day

Conversions happen in conversations and conversations happen with phone calls. Lots of them. Expect 125+ calls per day on behalf of the Client.


Dedicated ISA

Your ISA is exclusive to your team and works directly inside of your CRM. Monday through Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm, 40 hours per week.  


Objection Handling

90% of the initial responses will be some variation of "No." The art of flipping a "No" into "Maybe" into "Yes" is what separates the professionals for the order-takers.


Quality Conversations

Specifically, the ability to instantly connect with someone who has no idea who you are and get them to WANT to do business with you. No trust, no sale!


A-Z Accountability

No lead left behind. Every lead in its right place. Daily Recaps Emailed to Client at end of day. Enforced accountability results in predictable outcomes.

A WOrd From The Founder
CEO of 0260 Labs

We get it. Experienced agents don't have time to make the calls. Newer agents don't know how to make the calls. Lazy agents don't want to make the calls.

And YOU don't have time to deal with it. All YOU care about is the thousands of dollars per month you are spending on leads that aren't converting. We fix this problem comprehensively so you can focus on scaling other parts of your business.

We guarantee it.

- Andy Cole


Our world-class training philosophy

Show me, don't tell me.

Live Phone Calls

Listen to some LIVE phone calls from our team.

Names, phone numbers and Emails have been removed for privacy purposes.


Ready to get started?

Here's what you can expect from us over the course of the next 6 months.

Introductory Call

Introductory Call

Our number one goal here is to learn more about your business, identify the biggest pain points and figure out where (and if) we can help.

Contract Signed

Contract Signed

Assuming you wish to move forward, we will send you a contract to sign. All of our services are offered month-to-month.

Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding

This process takes no longer than 5 business days. Your can expect your fully-trained ISA to be making 125+ calls on the account by the end of the fifth business day.

Database Cleanup

Database Cleanup

Most of the Clients we work with need a complete re-work of their database in order to get serious results. Month one is where the majority of that cleanup occurs.

Database Ramp Up

Ramp Up

Once the foundation of your database has been created, it's time to step on the gas. Expect both the quality and consistency of the appointments to firm up.

Cruising Altitude

Cruising Altitude

Sleep soundly at night knowing every lead gets followed up with and every lead gets put in the right place. The more money you spend on leads, the more quality appointments you get.

Get Paid

Get Paid

The majority of our ISA Placement Program Clients start seeing consistent closings around months 3-4.


We integrate seamlessly with the apps you use every day.


We offer 3 tiers of service

From solo agent to mega team, we've got you covered.

Basic Plan


For teams of 1-10 Agents.

(0-10,000 leads)



Bullet Point Check Mark

10-15 appointments per month

Bullet Point Check Mark

125+ calls per day

Bullet Point Check Mark

One dedicated ISA

Bullet Point Check Mark

40 hours per week M-F

Bullet Point Check Mark

Expert objection handling

Bullet Point Check Mark

Works inside of your CRM

Bullet Point Check Mark

Month-to-month contract

Enterprise Plan


For teams of 25+ Agents.

(25,000+ leads)



Bullet Point Check Mark

30-45 appointments per month

Bullet Point Check Mark

375+ calls per day

Bullet Point Check Mark

Three dedicated ISAs

Bullet Point Check Mark

40 hours per week M-F

Bullet Point Check Mark

Expert objection handling

Bullet Point Check Mark

Works inside of your CRM

Bullet Point Check Mark

Month-to-month contract

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I get to pick my ISA?
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Yes, every Client we work with gets to select an ISA from our pre-vetted roster of candidates.

2. Where do we hire from?
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This is the number one question we get asked.

All of our ISAs are based overseas and we hire from all over the world. Some of the other countries we hired from in 2023 include Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Philippines and South Africa.

3. Will my ISA have an accent?
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Yes, they absolutely will.

Keep in mind, this is not our first rodeo. We disqualify over 50% of all applicants in a Round 1 video application, where we specifically pass/fail the candidate based on their English speaking ability. In three years of doing this, we have found that accent only becomes a serious problem when you get an ISA that is both incompetent AND has an accent on the phone.

Our number one focus is making sure our ISAs know how to make great phone calls, establish rapport and treat these folks like they would family/friends instead of a dollar sign.

4. Do I get a dedicated ISA?
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Yes, every Client we work with gets a dedicated ISA.

This means that your ISA is EXCLUSIVE to your team. In other words, we DO NOT share ISAs between accounts.

5. What kind of ISA training is provided?
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We take a very vested interest in teaching our ISA’s the skills they need to succeed in both business and life.

The secret to our success is our ISA Trial coaching program, a paid 2-3 month paid trial position on our team where we train new ISA’s from scratch on how to be a world-class ISA. Upon graduation from our training program, our Trial ISAs are then matched with a Client.

6. What happens if my ISA is not a fit?
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If the Client is not happy with the ISA for any reason, the ISA is replaced with a new fully-trained ISA at no additional cost to the Client. In most cases, we will know before you do and subsequently make a recommendation that the ISA be replaced.

7. What if my ISA is unable to work one day?
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In the event that your ISA has to miss work because they are sick, having Internet problems, etc., either the ISA can make up the hours on their off days or we can provide a replacement ISA for the time being.

We maintain a deep bench of experienced ISA’s who can cover the account until your current ISA is either back in action or replaced entirely.

The Client will be notified in these situations via Email.

8. How do we define an "Appointment?"
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An "Appointment" is defined as “A high-probability opportunity for a real estate agent to earn a commission in helping a lead buy or sell real estate.

Ideally we are looking for leads that are ready to buy or sell real estate in 90 days or less. Questions about 1031 Exchanges, getting pre-approved, property taxes, interest rates, etc. will all be booked as appointments.

Each side/transaction involving the sale of real estate is defined as an appointment.

Appointments are set as in-person showings + listing appointments, in-office consultations, Zoom calls, FaceTime calls and phone calls. Our singular focus is on in-person appointments.

9. What is the appointment quality like?
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Our number one goal is delivering quality appointments to our Clients.

We rate the quality of an appointment on a scale of 10 based on motivation to transact. Motivation is determined by life events. The life events that we look for include:

• Marriage
• Having kids
• Children leaving home
• Retirement
• Job relocation
• Job loss
• Financial problems
• Health issues
• Death
• Divorce
• 1st-time buyer (end of a lease)
• Concerned for safety

10. Can I pick which Agents I want to send appointments to?
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Yes, each Client can specify detailed lead routing rules as part of their Onboarding Call with us.

An example is found below:

• All sellers go to John Smith
• All buyers 1M and up get sent to John Smith
• All buyers 1M and below get sent round robin to our 5 Buyer Agents
• All leads in Temecula go to Cindy Thomas

11. When can I expect closed deals?
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You can expect to see your first closings in months 4-5.

12. Do you work with Zillow Premier Agent/Flex?
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Yes, we have a number of Clients who are utilizing our ISA’s to handle Zillow Premier Agent & Zillow Flex phone calls. We recommend implementing this around month three once the ISA has had a bit of experience working your account.

13. Do you provide cold-calling services?
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Yes, our ISAs are fully-trained making cold-calls to Expireds, FSBOs, FRBOs, Circle Prospecting and Probate leads.

We do not recommend Circle Prospecting due to the amount of time it takes to get results. Most Clients are not willing to wait 1 year for a top-of-funnel pipeline to truly kick in. We use Mojo, RedX, Vulcan7 and EspressoAgent to make cold calls.

14. Are there any Client requirements?
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Yes, any Agent receiving appointments is required to add notes to the lead profile within 48 hours of the appointment taking place.

If no notes are added, the 0260 Labs Client Success Team will be reaching out to that Agent for an update via text/Email. If the Agent has not gotten face-to-face with the lead after 30 days, the lead is returned to the ISA.

15. Do you allow lender/vendor partnerts?
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Yes, approximately 35% of our Clients are splitting the cost of our services with their respective lenders/vendors.

16. What is the timeline to get started?
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We have fully-trained ISA’s ready to go today.

‍Company policy for us is Client is fully-onboarded in 5 business days or less. This means we are making 1+ calls per day on the account after day 5.

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